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Your donation will go towards supporting the rehabilitation and training of prisoners in optical customer service skills, helping them to begin rebuilding their lives as they near the end of their prison sentence.

What Your Donations Will Do

Donate Online or Call 01622 220448 to donate.

Reducing Re-offending

At The Prison Opticians Trust, we make it our mission to reduce re-offending by providing optics training and other necessary job skills to prisoners – helping them to secure permanent employment upon release from prison and move away from a life of crime.

Challenging Stigma

The misconceptions surrounding prisoners are many. The Prison Opticians Trust seeks to promote education and awareness through its produce, services, events, social media and other in-house activities.

Resettlement Grants

The Trust awards small resettlement grants to certain trainees who require further support (i.e. for housing) upon release from prison. The grant will go towards supporting trainees in re-starting their lives and re-integrating back into society, thereby significantly reducing their risk of re-offending.

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Our mission is to help prisoners reform by providing them with opportunities to work in Optics and produce life-changing products which positively impact the community.

The Prison Optician Trust
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